Considering Sustainability in your Wedding Planning Journey

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In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of sustainability across various industries, and the wedding industry is no exception. Couples are increasingly seeking ways to reduce their environmental impact whilst still creating beautiful and memorable celebrations. In this Journal entry we’ll delve into why working with a wedding stylist and using decor hire is a brilliant approach for couples committed to sustainability.

Reducing Waste

When working with wedding stylists, you’ll often have access to a vast range of in-house decor and accessories for use throughout your wedding day. One of the most significant benefits of using decor hire from a wedding stylist is the reduction of waste.

DIY weddings often involve purchasing items that are used for just one day and then discarded. Opting to include hired pieces can significantly minimise the amount of waste generated from a wedding, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Lowering Carbon Footprint

I have seen many suggestions of buying wedding items cheaply from online marketplaces, but the production and transportation of these items, usually coming from abroad, massively contributes to carbon emissions. Hiring decor from a local wedding stylist can help lower the carbon footprint associated with your wedding. Choosing locally sourced and reused items can further decrease transportation emissions, promoting eco-friendly practices. Which links nicely into the next point:

Access to High-Quality Decor

Hiring decor from a wedding stylist gives couples access to high-quality items that may be otherwise out of reach. Professional stylists curate their collections to include a variety of styles, ensuring that couples can find pieces that perfectly complement their vision. From vintage furniture to modern centerpieces, there’s something for every taste and theme.

Flexibility and Convenience

Couples are offered flexibility and convenience when hiring decor which you don’t get when purchasing. After the wedding, there’s no need to worry about storing or trying to sell off decorations – which will always be at a much lower price than they were originally purchased for. Couples can simply return the items, or, if enjoying a full set up service, the stylist will return to pack down and take away, saving time and reducing overwhelm. This allows the newlyweds to focus on enjoying their occasion to the full without the added stress of managing leftover decor.

Supporting Small Businesses

Many wedding stylists who offer decor to hire are small businesses and independent artists. By working with them, couples can support local economies and entrepreneurs who prioritise sustainability in their practices. It’s a win-win situation, as couples get unique decor whilst contributing to the growth of sustainable businesses.

Embracing the Circular Economy

Using hired decor aligns with the principles of the circular economy, where resources are used and reused efficiently to minimise waste. By circulating items through rentals, materials are kept in use for longer periods, reducing the demand for new production and ultimately conserving natural resources.


Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important consideration for couples planning their weddings. Hiring decor from a wedding stylist offers numerous benefits, which all have a positive impact both on carbon emissions and the stress involved in wedding planning. By choosing an eco-friendly approach, couples can create beautiful and memorable celebrations whilst making a positive impact on the planet.

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Hannah x