The Importance Of Flowers In Your Wedding Styling

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I believe One of the most important factors in the design of any wedding is the flowers…

I love their ability to completely transform a space and they’re often the link that ties all the styling elements together, bringing in various colours and textures.

It’s no secret that event flowers can be costly, the price per stem is constantly on the rise and of course you’re paying for your florist’s time and expertise.

As such, it’s always a good idea to think about how you can re-purpose different arrangements throughout the day. For example, if you’re having urns at a church, delegate someone to bring them back to your reception venue so they can be enjoyed all day.

Perhaps you’d like the effect of a full meadow of flowers aligning the length of the aisle. These then look incredible placed along the floor in front of your top table – making the most of your investment and ensuring all the key photos are full of beautiful blooms.

Once your ceremony and formal photos have been taken, bouquets can become somewhat redundant, I’d always suggest having some vases at the venue that you can pop them in to. They can then be used as part of the decor – perhaps with the cake or guest book styling. This keeps them fresh and ready to take home with you to continue to enjoy.

When thinking about your floral plans, rather than having a specific list of flowers you want included, have a colour palette in mind and put your trust in your florist. They’ll be able to pick the best of the season and ensure your flowers are the most beautiful available. For example, if you’ve got your heart set on peonies but your wedding is in September you’re going to be disappointed to learn they’re not really an option, but by explaining to your florist you love the soft and ruffly look, they could recommend a garden rose which can be just as big and blousy as peonies.

I’ve had couples getting married in October who hate the idea of having very autumnal, orange toned flowers – there are no rules, it’s your day so go for what makes your heart sing! Whilst I think it’s always nice to lean in to the season you’re marrying in, there’s nothing to say you can’t have pastel coloured flowers in October. It’s all about having a conversation with your florist so they can advise the best type of flowers of the season to ensure they’re perfect whatever the time of year.

We can’t talk about flowers without mentioning the P word…Pinterest! I know, I know – you’ve got a ‘wedding board’ that is bursting at the seams with floral inspiration, huge installations and flowers dripping from every corner of the venue. But, the trouble with Pinterest is you’re more likely to be shown the biggest displays, often editorial shots which will have hefty price tags attached. Instead of getting carried away with the potential of being left disappointed, talk to your florist about your budget – they’re the experts who can advise how to get the most out of it.

One top tip I always suggest is to invest in one real statement piece. Be it a fireplace display, an asymmetric arch or a staircase garland. By investing in one larger statement piece you’ll get the ‘wow factor’ and also ensure a perfect backdrop for your photos. If you’re opting for an opulent display at a separate ceremony location, for example an arch at the church entrance, it’s worth remembering that this won’t be able to be relocated to your reception venue and will need to remain in situ.

Flowers that attach to lighter frames, such as a number of ones I carry in my decor collection, can be moved and utilised elsewhere. For example a large ceremony backdrop could be reused behind the top table.

If you’re using long trestle tables for your wedding breakfast, I love them styled with an arrangement at the base of the end table. This then means on the table itself you can use sporadic bud vases or just greenery. This will often be more cost effective than having lots of separate flower arrangements down the table.

Bud vases have been huge for the last couple of wedding seasons and it’s easy to see why. Lots of little vases of loveliness can make just as big an impact as something much larger. They’re also really easy to move around for different styled areas throughout the day.

If you’re having a traditional round table set up you might be wondering how best to display flowers on them. It’s worth considering a few things:

  1. How many people are sat on the tables? If you’re packing 6ft tables with 12 people and including tableware upgrades like charger plates, you’ll be surprised at just how quickly space can fill up. It might mean that the huge urn arrangement you’ve had your eye on isn’t all that practical.
  2. What will your flowers be displayed in and/or on? Most florists have an array of bowls, vases and stands that can be used. As a stylist it’s super important that your florals are displayed in a way that compliments the overall aesthetic and indeed the venue. If for example, we’re using gold elements in your tablescape and stationery, you wouldn’t want your flowers to be displayed in silverware. Likewise the venue setting should be a consideration, if you’re getting married in a super modern venue, then rustic milk churns possibly won’t be the best way to go.
  3. Can your guests talk to each other? This one is so important – the flowers either need to be above head height or low enough to talk and see over. There is nothing worse than cutting off conversation across the table because of flowers, however Pinterest worthy those flowers are!

One of my favourite ways to bring interest into your styling is by using a mixture of high and low centrepieces. The visual effect it creates is very special, and can help on the budget if having all larger ones isn’t an option.

When searching for your florist, focus on finding someone whose style you love, it might sound simple, but all of us creatives in the wedding industry work to our own style.

You might see inspiration you love but if it’s a completely different style to what the supplier you’re talking to normally does, don’t expect them to be able to carbon copy it. This is true of all your wedding suppliers – florists, photographers, stylists, cake and stationery designers. You’re always going to get the best from a supplier if you allow them their creative freedom, which is why it’s so important to book with someone whose overall style and portfolio you love. You can then rest assured they’ll be able to deliver for you regardless.

As a stylist, I work very closely with your florist, it’s us who’ll be first on site the morning of the wedding making sure everything is picture perfect. We want you to be completely wowed when you see the designs come to life, so relax and trust us with your vision, we got this!

With love,

Hannah x


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